Journey’s End

The Year is 1983 (Photography by Chellie Sundram)

Over the course of 1983, Greg Parker and Malini Sundram recorded the songs that became the album Journey’s End.

A Note from Greg:

The album was recorded on a 4 track cassette tape recorder with a couple of mics, a good acoustic guitar, a dodgy bass guitar and a terrible drum machine in houses and apartments around Perth and Bunbury, Westerm Australia. Simon Taheri pitched in with the lead guitar work on “We Are One” and Farida Tilbury added her vocal talents to the “Reflecting”, the “Hidden Words” and “Onward to Victory.”

With the enthusiastic support of Malini’s mother, Shantha Sundram who attended Baha’i conferences all over the world, the cassettes quickly sold. Greg was bemused to receive a letter from a friend living in the tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati, who informed him that a bootleg copy of the cassette had made its way to him!

Most of the songs are my own compositions as I express my own spritual experiences. The songs are about being a Baha’i rather than what the Baha’i Faith is about.

A few years ago I intended to remaster and even revisit some of the recordings since I now have a far more sophisticated array of musical tools at my disposal, but in 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (ouch!). Non stop chemo therapy has produced significant collateral damage and I lost an octave! Any dreams of redoing the vocals was extinguished. When the Parkers moved house in December that year, somehow we left the master tapes behind and the whole plan was caput! So these remastered songs

have been captured from an old cassette complete with tape hiss and flutter. The noise was digitally removed and with some boosting, compressing and a bit of reverb and delay here and there we have the new remastered digital edition of Journey’s End.

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Bahiyyih Khanum