New Era Choir Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Dress Code

The New Era Bahá’í Choir is composed of people of diverse ages and backgrounds that seek to celebrate the essential oneness of humanity.

Vision Statement

“ To uplift the spirit and promote equality and harmony through soul stirring, thought-provoking music and loving joyful performance.”


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote and strengthen the good reputation of the Baha’i community by establishing standards of performance and behaviour for choir members. In addition it seeks to encourage conduct which would have a positive effect on the standing and reputation of the Baha’i Faith.

“Such a chaste and holy life, with its implications of modesty, purity, temperance,decency and clean mindedness, involves no less than the exercise of moderation in all that pertains to dress, language, amusements and all artistic and literary avocations”

Shoghi Effendi “Advent of Divine Justice” p. 32.


  • Membership of the choir is open to all who are willing to uphold the principles of the Baha’i faith.
  • Entry age is generally 15 years or older.
  • Membership may require the passing of a singing audition by the choir director.
  • Membership of the choir must be confirmed by the choir board or its nominated representatives through an induction process.
  • People wishing to join the choir are welcome to attend rehearsals for a trial period prior to induction.
  • There may be occasions when only Baha’i members of the choir can perform according to the direction of the musical director.

General responsibilities


  • Members while representing the choir must uphold the highest standards of conduct so as not to compromise the dignity of the Baha’i Faith.
  • Members will not partake of alcoholic beverages when representing the choir.
  • Members will follow the directions of the choir director, and/or choir management.


  • Choir members are expected to attend rehearsals whenever possible at the direction of the choir director. Lack of attendance at rehearsals may prevent members from participating in performances.
  • Members are expected to advise the choir manager/director if unable to attend performances.

Dress Code

  • Members will adhere to the dress code, which is defined below.
  • At all times members must be clean, well groomed, appropriately and neatly dressed.


  • All music, tapes, CD’s and clothing issued to choir members remains the property of the choir and are to be returned in good condition.

Communication & Media

  • All issues relating to choir publicity or activity should be directed to the choir management.


  • There will be no expectation of payment for choir performances or management roles unless specifically stated and agreed upon..
  • Members waive any right or claim to receive royalties on any audiovisual materials produced by the choir unless specifically stated and agreed upon.

Breach of Code of Conduct

  • The choir director or choir management has the right to refuse participation in a performance to a choir member who is found to be in breach of the code of conduct.
  • This breach of the code of conduct will be reviewed by the management at soon as possible.

Dispute Procedures

If any member is unhappy with decisions made by the choir director or manager, they have the right to appeal.

  • After the review of any breach of the code of conduct, choir management may consult with the member, counsel them as to the inappropriateness of the conduct and support them in making changes.
  • Following a number of warnings, if the choir member has made no appropriate change, then the choir management has the right to ask the member to leave the choir.


The choir is expected to present in uniform dress.


  • Long sleeve black shirt with button-up collar.
  • Long black trousers.
  • Black closed-toe shoes and socks.



  • Modest long sleeve black shirt or blouse plus
  • Full length black skirts or black slacks.


  • A full length black dress


  • Black closed-toe shoes with black stockings or socks.

Note: Singlet/sleeveless tops, transparent materials or bare midriffs are not appropriate.


Coloured silk scarf (remains the property of the choir)